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Beatific Visions Today!

It’s been a year of growth and transition for Beatific Visions! When I created Beatific Visions Photography in January 2016 I had no idea it would become what it is today. It started with taking pictures at churches and a nonprofit, and when individuals started asking me to take pictures for them, I had to create a company so I could pay my dues to Uncle Sam.

So it grew a bit the first year as I upgraded my camera, and learned more about photography and posing, but it was still mostly a hobby for me.

Mid 2017 I had a big change come my way when Michelle Lieb asked me to second shoot her weddings with her! That girl is seriously a wealth of knowledge and she’s so supportive I don’t know how to thank her enough. Every time I work with her I learn something new, and we’ve worked together a lot this past year!

So needless to say, my business has grown and morphed a lot recently! I’ve spent a lot of time discovering my personal style, my favorite locations, and how to have fun with it all. I never found a logo that felt right, but I’ve been searching and thinking about what I want it to show about Beatific Visions. So finally, I’ve found one that feels “right.”

So what does Beatific Visions mean anyway? In Christianity, the “Beatific Vision,” means the eternal and direct visual perception of God, or in other words, seeing God face to face.

When I started taking pictures, I was driven by my passion to capture beautiful moments between families, friends, mentors, and couples. When brainstorming a name for my business, I wanted the name to really reflect my passion for seeing God in these moments. When the name “Beatific Visions,” came to me, I knew I needn’t look any further!

The triangles in my new logo have some symbolism too! The triangle is the simplest of shapes made with straight sides. 1 Corinthians 13:13 says “There are three simple sides to the Christian faith: "faith, hope, and love, these three, and the greatest of these is love."

So I present to you the new logo for Beatific Visions Photography. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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