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Family photos are important to me because kids grow up so fast! Every few months kids not only grow, but their personality evolves and changes. Photos are a way of documenting each stage of life. There are many photos I have that can simply melt my heart and has a way of taking me back to that sweet moment.

As a busy mom, I tend to I find that I take pictures of my kids doing everyday things, but hardly ever take pictures with myself and the kids, much less the whole family. When it’s time to make a Christmas card, I will look back at a years worth of photos and find I only have one or two (pretty mediocre) pictures of the whole family on my smartphone.

Professional photography has been wonderful for me and my family when we want to document certain milestones like a newborn session, 1st birthday, etc. Professional photography has a magical way of making the family looking extra put together! There have been a number of times I know my daughter was screaming her head off about two seconds before an amazing photo was taken.

Professional photographers know how to suggest poses that are both natural and adorable when you get the final results. My daughter, like all other two year olds, can be difficult to work with. She is shy one minute, crying another minute, and just down-right uncooperative. Photographers, especially someone who specializes in family photography, can really work with everyone and get amazing photos.

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